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Ndiza Gallery

Ndiza, meaning “To Fly ” is the brain child of Gavin Furlonger, George Reeves, Michaela Limberis and Michele Roelofsen , top art directors, dealers, gallerists, curators and designers.

Inspired by the Buckminster Fuller quote : “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” They have created an elegant, immersive and unintimidating space where visitors are able to engage in the history and provenance of each piece with the use of an interactive phone app.

Imagine a welcoming space where you are able to not only purchase, but engage, participate and enjoy feeling more connected to Africa’s vibrant culture.

Ndiza is collaborating with major galleries and plan to incorporate art fairs, fashion shows, music events and launches to cater for the surrounding community. Conversation based events allow visitors to become more connected and able to understand and enjoy art on a new level of intimacy and awareness.

The two restaurants, cocktail lounge and wine emporium at Krystal Beach Hotle make a visist to this exciting space even more appealing.